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Waste Free Wednesdays/Water Bottle Challenge Reminder

Our school will continue our Waste Free Wednesday Challenge every Wednesday this school year! Students are encouraged to wear their white Waste Free shirt each Wednesday to school. 1st and 2nd graders were given t-shirts last school year. Kindergarten and new students are receiving t-shirts this year courtesy of our PTO. Our Waste Free Wednesday challenge at Walter C. Black School has been created as part of our goals for our PepsiCo Recycling Challenge Award. Along with teaching our students and school community about the benefits of recycling, we aim to encourage and teach students about the environmental benefits of less waste. Students will learn how to “Rethink” their choices in order to benefit our environment and create less waste. Simple examples include; using reusable containers in their lunch box, using reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles, and making waste-free choices in the cafeteria. We also hope to encourage our students and their families to continue the challenge in their home with Waste Free Choices such as using reusable dishes and cups instead of single-use paper or plastic plates and cups. 

Students will also participate in the Dale's Water Bottle Challenge throughout the year. Students and staff are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school to use each day. At the end of each month, teachers will nominate a student from their class who consistently brings and uses a reusable water bottle in their class! All nominated students will be entered into the school-wide drawing to win a prize!


Bus Students:

  • Bus pass information can be found on the Genesis Parent Portal. A printed copy of the bus pass can be requested by contacting the main office.
  • Students are expected to be at the bus stop on time. Buses depart at approximately 3:35 in the afternoon. At times, buses are delayed or run early so please anticipate this possibility. A parent/guardian must be present at the bus stop for our Kindergarten students or the driver is directed to bring the student back to our school for parent pick up.

Arrival to School/ Parent Drop Off:

  • For students who have siblings in GNR and are arriving by car or walking, WCB students should be dropped off prior to GNR students during arrival time.
  • Our Parent Drop-Off Time starts at 8:40 a.m. and ends promptly at 8:55 a.m. Anyone arriving after 8:55am will need to park and walk their child to the main office since we no longer have staff on duty.
  • Arriving by Car: Parents will use the parent drop off area located in the WCB Main Parking Lot. Parents should pull all the way up to the small playground at the end of the loop and wait for a staff member to come to the car. Students should not exit the car until a staff member signals it is safe to do so.
  • Cars must enter the Main Office Parking Lot Loop via Harron Avenue and make a right hand turn into the lot.
  • Do not make a left hand turn into the loop. If coming from Stockton Street, cars should take Dutchneck Road to get to Harron Avenue to get to the parking lot.
  • When leaving the parking lot, please turn right and utilize Dutchneck Road if heading in the other direction.
  • Arriving by Foot: Parents can drop off or pick up at the Main Horseshoe area or the Stockton Street entrance by the cafeteria. A parent/guardian should remain with their child until greeted by a staff member. Parents wishing to use Stockton Street that can only be accessed by foot should contact the Main Office at 609-443-7816.

Dismissal from School/ Parent Pick Up:

  • Main entrance car loop: All exits along the parking lot loop will be utilized for parent pick-up. Dismissal will begin at 3:20 p.m. for walkers and car riders. All other walkers will exit via the parking lot loop and be called via walkie-talkies.
  • Parents picking up by car or walking will be issued a car tag to help with efficiency.
  • Students will be called via a walkie-talkie. Please be patient as we work to get students out to cars via the 3 horseshoe exits we are using to keep teachers and students safe.
  • For students who have siblings in GNR and are arriving by car or walking, GNR students should be picked up prior to WCB students during dismissal.
  • Stockton Street Walkers will exit via the cafeteria.


If you were issued a bus pass, but are not going to use the bus and will be transporting by car instead, please contact the main office at 609-443-7816 so we can provide you with the appropriate tags needed.



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Homework Free Holidays for 2023-24

In an effort to provide a sense of balance and to promote time spent with family, students will not receive homework assignments or long-term projects that are due when they return to school after the breaks listed below. In addition, tests and quizzes are not permitted to be administered on the first school day following the break.

Event Calendar Subscription

Did you know? You are able to subscribe to the event calendars. Make sure you have each school selected/checked that you would like to subscribe to as well as the District calendar.

EWRSD SMS/Text Messaging

The East Windsor Regional School District currently uses a program called SchoolMessenger to communicate on a large scale with district staff and parents. These communications take the form of emails or phone calls. In an effort to provide faster and more direct messages, the district will begin to utilize SMS or text messaging, as well.

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