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EWRSD Mission Statement & District Goals

East Windsor Regional School District Mission Statement

Through a safe, inclusive learning experience that is grounded in best practices, students in the East Windsor Regional School District will develop and strengthen academic, social, and emotional skills needed in order to be successful, productive citizens.

Serving Every Child, Every Day, we will strive to:

  1. Increase achievement by challenging and supporting each student to reach his/her highest potential.
  2. Address the needs of the whole child by ensuring all students feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, with opportunities for social/emotional learning and growth.
  3. Prepare all students with the skills and awareness necessary to actively contribute as productive local and global citizens.  
  4. Provide professional staff with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for highly effective delivery of instruction and services.

East Windsor Regional School District Goals for 2021-2022

EWRSD Core Goals for 2021-22
* Long-term goals

Core Goal #1:
Ensure all students graduate from the East Windsor Regional School District with the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify for and succeed in post-secondary educational and work-related opportunities

Core Goal #2:
Ensure all students become functional, skilled readers by third grade, by strengthening the development of foundational literacy skills in grades K-2, while addressing the achievement gap of underperforming current/former ELL, economically disadvantaged, and special education students.

Core Goal #3:
Assure that the professional development plan is aligned with the district-vision and mission.

Core Goal #4:
Provide safe and secure environments for all students and staff.

Core Goal #5:
Cultivate the development of students’ fundamental social and emotional skills essential for success in life and impact on learning.

Core Goal #6:
Ensure district decisions and operations reflect the diversity of the community through a commitment to educational equity, access, opportunities, and cultural responsiveness. 

EWRSD Focus Goal Areas for 2021-22
*Focus Goal: one-year goal to establish priorities and to define specific action with measurable objectives.

Focus Goal #1:
Engage all EWRSD families and the community by maintaining consistent communication regarding the district, its schools, and its students.

Focus Goal #2:
Re-establish the critical roles of culture, climate, and social-emotional learning, with an emphasis on student-to-student and teacher-to-student relationships, to serve as the conditions for academic learning.

Focus Goal #3:
Plan and implement effective curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning to reduce learning loss and maximize learning acceleration.

Focus Goal #4:
Through the role of school-based Data Teams, re-establish a consistent, district-wide approach to identify students who need additional support that will build on their strengths and target areas of growth to ensure academic success

Focus Goal #5:
Complete a districtwide equity audit to collect and analyze data to identify programmatic barriers that may impede a student’s full participation, access, and opportunity for academic growth

Progress updates related to these goals will be provided throughout the year.