Awards and Recognitions

2020-2021 Honorees for the New Jersey Governor’s Educator of the Year

The Governor’s Educator of the Year program is designed to highlight educational innovation, student achievement, the rewards of teaching, and the important services outside the classroom environment that lead to student success. The celebratory program continues to recognize our state’s best teachers and educational services professionals.
Ethel McKnight Elementary School
Claire Sakata, STEM teacher
Jennifer Patricolo, Education Services Professional
Walter C. Black Elementary School
Mrs. Yvonne Santiago
Mrs. Edyta Chaber
Grace N. Rogers Elementary School
Mrs. Fajardo
Mrs. Oresto, Educational Specialist
Perry L. Drew Elementary School
Tracy MacDonald, Fifth-grade teacher
Michelle Farrell, Educational Assistant
Melvin H. Kreps Middle School
Mr. Matt Bernstein, 8 Sigma Social Studies teacher
Ms. Jackie Miller, Intervention counselor
Hightstown High School
Ms. Aziz