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Right to Know

In accordance with the provisions of the Worker and Community Right-to_know Act (NJSA 34:5a-12) and the Worker and Community Right-to-Know Act Rules (NJAC 8:59-7.2), the following documents are available online at


  1. Log on to
  2. If prompted, enter Username: eastwindsor and password: eastwindsor1 into the appropriate fields.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select a facility to serach, or click :Show ALL Facilities" to perform a global search
  4. Once a faciity has been selected, the database will provide the user with four(4)options:
    1. Product name
    2. Ingredient name
    3. Location (this option is unavailable when searching all facilties)
    4. Manufacturer
  5. Once an option has been selected, a text box will be presented to filter the list.  The full name of the search criteria will not be needed; a partial name will suffice.  A partial name will provide a list of products that have the selected "text" in them.