Student Services

The East Windsor Regional School District has a responsibility to locate, identify, and evaluate all resident students with disabilities ages 3-21 who require special education and related services. If you suspect your child may have a disability that warrants an evaluation by the Child Study Team, please write to:

East Windsor Regional School District
Office of Student Services
ATTN: David Roe, Director of Student Services
25A Leshin Lane
Hightstown, NJ 08520

Child Study Team Case Managers

Grace N. Rogers Preschool School Psychologist Diana Torres 609-443-7833 x 6609
Grace N. Rogers/Melvin H. Kreps LDT-C Vanessa Mendoker (609) 443-7833 x6629
Walter C. Black School Psychologist Whitney Conley 609-443-7816 x 5123
Walter C. Black School Social Worker Jessica Erdberg 609-443-7816 x 5125
Grace N. Rogers School Psychologist Meredith Bergazyn 609-443-7833 X6160
Walter C. Black LDT-C Melissa Maley 609-443-7816 x 5126
Ethel McKnight School Psychologist Stephanie Tafone 609-443-7000 x 7106
Ethel McKnight School Psychologist Anjali Shahani
Ethel McKnight/Perry L. Drew School Social Worker Rebeca Rodriguez 609-443-7820 x 3010 (PLD) 609-443-7800 x 7109
Perry L. Drew School Psychologist Bridget Johnson 609-443-7820 x 3012
Melvin H. Kreps, Grade 7 School Social Worker Chelsea Ruchlin 609-443-7767 x 4140
Melvin H. Kreps, Grade 8 School Social Worker Kathleen Reany 609-443-7767 x 4142
Melvin H. Kreps, Grade 6 School Psychologist Michelle Navarro 609-443-7767 x4141
Hightstown High School, Grade 11 School Psychologist Pam Schad 609-443-7738 x 1217
Hightstown High School, Grade 12 School Psychologist Jessica Corrigan 609-443-7738 x1179
Hightstown High School, Grade 9 LDT-C Brendan Connelly  609-443-7717 x 1168
Hightstown High School, Grade 10 School Psychologist Christina Farina 609-443-7738 x 1199
Hightstown High School School Social Worker Stephanie Stevenson 609-443-7738 x 1827


New Jersey Division of Disability Services 2020-2021 Resource Guide

Early Intervention System
If you are concerned your infant or toddler is developing or learning differently, call the new statewide toll free referral number for the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS) at 1-888-653-4463.

Track Your Child's Developmental Milestones



Parent Information and Resources

ADA/504 Accommodations

For students with disabilities for whom special education is not required but accommodations are needed, a "504 Accommodation Plan" can be developed by the 504 committee. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the School Principal or Director of Student Services at 609-443-7717, ext. 2012.

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