Counseling & Guidance Services


Below you'll find community resources available for families:

Community Resources for Families

Phone Number

2nd Floor Youth Helpline 888-222-2228
Addiction Hotline 800-238-2333
Alcoholics Anonymous-Central Jersey Intergroup 609-298-7795
Anchor House Youth Shelter 609-396-8329
BeTheLi9ht Foundation Program 609-336-7129
Crisis Ministry (Food & Housing) 609-921-2135
Disaster Distress Helpline 800-985-5990 or text 66746
Division of Child Protection & Permanency 877-652-2873
Hispanic Association 609-392-2446
HiTops (Health Center & Support Groups) 609-683-5155
Homeless Hotline 609-278-1481
ICARE of East Windsor 609-469-0022
Mercer County Board of Social Services 609-989-4320
Mercer County Family Support Organization 609-586-1200
National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) 609-799-8994
National Eating Disorders Association 800-931-2237
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255
PerformCare/Behavioral Health 877-652-7624
Rescue Mission 800-644-0037
RISE-Community Services Partnership 609-443-4464
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services 24/7 Referrals 800-662-4357
Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE
Hospital Violence Intervention Program 609-815-7559
Womanspace (Domestic Violence)
Mercer County Homeless Emergency Hotline



Mobile Response and Crisis Screening


The Department of Children and Families provides Mobile Response and Stabilization Services which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help children and youth experiencing emotional or behavioral crises. Services are designed to defuse an immediate crisis, keep children and their families safe, and help stabilize children in their own homes or current living situation (such as a resource foster home, treatment home or group home).

To access services call:
1-877- 652-7624



Intervention Referral Services (I&RS)

The Intervention Referral Services (I&RS) Committee is a multidisciplinary school-based committee that assists educators to plan, deliver and monitor interventions to assist students who are experiencing learning, behavioral and/or health difficulties. Each school coordinates a system for planning and delivery of intervention and referral services designed to address the student’s needs. Parents or teachers can make referrals to the I&RS Committee.

The I&RS Committee discusses specific concerns, the implementation of prior interventions or modifications, and ways to further help the student. The committee develops an Action Plan that identifies the problem, determines objectives, outlines strategies to be implemented and sets a future date to review the effectiveness and outcome of the recommended interventions or modifications. The committee provides support and guidance to school staff who identify learning, behavioral and health difficulties. For further information, please contact your school counselor.​