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Student Assistant Program

What is a Student Assistance Program (SAP)?
A comprehensive program providing prevention, intervention, support and instructional services for students, staff and community. The SAP provides additional support to students who may struggle with emotional, social, mental health and substance abuse related issues. 
What is a Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)?
Student Assistance Counselors are certified with an advanced training and experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health. SACs coordinate and oversee the overall components of a Student Assistance Program. SACs are available to provide confidential counseling and referral services for at risk students and their parents. The ultimate goal is to empower students in reaching the highest potential in and out of the school setting. 
Student Assistance Counselors facilitate programming for both students and parents/caregivers that address issues such as substance abuse prevention and awareness, mental health issues, healthy relationships and coping, student safety and related topics.