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Health Benefits

The East Windsor Regional School District offers a complete health benefits package that is designed to fit each individual's specific needs for eligible employees.  We offer a benefits package that provides a sense of security and well-being for you and your family.

This site is the source where the East Windsor Regional School District Benefits office provides the latest information on your health benefits.   

Questions relating to health benefits can be directed to:

Ellen Reisberg
609-443-7717 ext 2021
[email protected]

Application Form  Directions:
Please use the university Health Benefit Form.  The form will allow the applicant to make choices from the available pull-down menus. There is a separate form for the waiver applications.
Use the one form for medical, prescription, dental, and vision.
Remember to add all pertinent employee information at the top.
Consult the Bargaining Units/Medical Plans Chart to choose the plan available to your bargaining group.
Enter the chosen plan by using the pull-down menu in the form. Choose the type of coverage for example Single, Family, etc.
Enter the dependent information: Name, Relationship, DOB, Sex, and Social Security number.


For new hires, the following items need to be submitted with each enrollment form that enrolls a spouse and/or dependents

  1. Marriage license between you and your spouse.
  2. Birth certificates for dependents only (not required for spouse).
Save the fillable form as a PDF and email the form and any necessary documents to:
Ellen Reisberg
609-443-7717 ext 2021
[email protected]
Universal Health Benefits Application and Waiver Form
Available plans and full monthly premiums. New employees hired on or after July 1, 2019, must enroll in the NJEHP or Garden State Health Plan (GSP) and associated prescription plan. Employee medical benefit contributions for NJEHP or Garden State Health Plan (GSP) are based on the percent of salary. Other plans for existing employees are based on the percent of the full monthly premium. Visit the Employee Contribution page for more detailed information.