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Staff Contact Information

Department Name Voicemail Email Address Website
Grade 5 Amato, Lyndsay Ext. 8123 [email protected] Mrs. Amato's Class Page
Grade 4 Arboleda, Sandra Ext. 6106 [email protected] Mrs. Arboleda's Class Page
Grade 5 Barr, Susan Ext. 8309 [email protected] Mrs. Barr's Class Page
Grade 4 Bekefi, Nicole Ext. 8275 [email protected] Ms. Bekefi's Class Website
Elementary CST Bergazyn, Meredith Ext. 6160 [email protected]  
Grade 3 Bergstol, Kara Ext. 8305 [email protected] Ms. Bergstol's Class Website
Grade 5 Bertoni, Julia Ext. 8484 [email protected] Mrs. Bertoni Class Page
Grade 5 Botello, Lisa Ext. 8291 [email protected] Mrs. Botello's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Bristol O'Rourke   [email protected] Pre K CST behaviorist
Grade 5 Brown, Kay Ext. 8131 [email protected] Ms. Brown's Website
Multi-Grade Level Burd, Yasmine Ext. 8583 [email protected] Ms. Burd's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists David, Lindsay Ext. 6117 [email protected] Counseling Resources
Grade 5 Dhillon, Amrit Ext. 8568 [email protected] Ms. Dhillon's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Diaz, Tamika Ext. 8457 [email protected]  
Grade 4 Dlabik, Melissa Ext. 8301 [email protected] Mrs. Dlabik's Website
Pre-K Dzwonar, Karen Ext. 6310 [email protected]  
Grade 3 Eggert, Kendra Ext. 8569 [email protected] Mrs. Eggert's Class Website
Elementary CST Erdberg, Jessica Ext. 8461 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Erdi, Julianne Ext. 6113 [email protected] Ms. Erdi's Website
Grade 5 Ethe, Lilah Ext. 6403 [email protected] Ms. Ethe Class Page
Grade 5 Ezzo, Matthew Ext. 8462 [email protected] Mr. Ezzo's Class Page
Grade 3 Fajardo, Rebecca Ext. 8284 [email protected]  
Grade 5 Falter, Michael Ext. 8279 [email protected] Mr. Falter's website
Multi-Grade Level Fellows, Kiley Ext. 8537 [email protected]  
Grade 5 Ferrara, Lauren Ext. 8296 [email protected] Mrs. Ferrara's Class Page
Fine Arts and Specialists Firth, Sherri Ext. 8156 [email protected] Ms. Firth's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Fredrick, Victoria Ext. 6615 [email protected]  
Grade 3 Fuchsloch, Victoria Ext. 8528 [email protected] Mrs. Fuchsloch & Mrs. Roberts Website
Grade 4 Gallagher, Ashley Ext. 9017 [email protected] Ms. Gallagher's Class Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Gazaleh, Amy Ext. 6119 [email protected] Library website
Fine Arts and Specialists Gruber, Corryn Ext. 8182 [email protected] Mrs. Gruber's website
Grade 3 Gurgurich, Dylan Ext. 8294 [email protected]  
Pre-K Hupp, Rebecca Ext. 8004 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Katz, Tara Ext. 8608 [email protected]  
Grade 5 Kelly, Lauren Ext. 8602 [email protected] Ms.Kelly's Classroom
Fine Arts and Specialists Kent, Ryan Ext. 8303 [email protected] Mr. Kent's Webpage
Grade 4 Kerins, Renee Ext. 8293 [email protected] Mrs. Kerins' Class
Fine Arts and Specialists Lauren Leone   [email protected] Grade level behaviorist
Pre-K Leader, Danielle Ext. 8594 [email protected]  
Pre-K Leader, Danielle Ext. 6312 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists LoBue, Lauren Ext. 8145 [email protected] Mrs. LoBue ESL
Grade 3 Lorber, Jessica Ext-8138 [email protected] Ms. Lorber's website
Elementary CST Maley, Melissa Ext. 8572 [email protected]  
Occupational Therapy Manasi Bhave   [email protected]  
Pre-K Marcus, Jessica Ext. 6309 [email protected]  
Grade 3 Martinez, Ana Ext. 8465 [email protected] Ms. Martinez's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Martinez, Lynn Ext. 8209 [email protected] Mrs. Martinez's Technology Class Page
Multi-Grade Level Massaro, Katherine Ext. [email protected] Ms. Massaro's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Mazurek, Diane Ext. 8153 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists McGill, Maggie Ext. 8583 [email protected] Mrs. McGill's Website
Preschool CST Mendoker, Vanessa Ext. 6629 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Miller, Jackie Ext. 6608 [email protected] Counseling Resources
Grade 3 Mirra, Madison Ext. 8573 [email protected] Ms Mirra's Website
Grade 4 Molinaro, Daniela Ext. 6108 [email protected] Ms. Molinaro's Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Nubile, Marjorie Ext. 6202 [email protected] Mrs. Nubile's Reading and Math Website
Fine Arts and Specialists O'Rane, Alexis Ext. 6415 [email protected] Enrichment/G&T Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Ortiz, Jennifer Ext. 8222 [email protected]  
Grade 4 Ostaszewski, Tora Ext. 8094 [email protected] Mrs. Ostaszewski's Classroom Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Palmisano, Alexa Ext. 6314 [email protected]  
Occupational Therapy Payal Parikh   [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Perry-Green-Taylor, Belicia Ext. 8114 [email protected] Mrs. PGT Health/PE Webpage
Fine Arts and Specialists Reinhardt, Kyle Ext. 8304 [email protected] Mr. Reinhardt's Webpage
Grade 4 Reiter, Brittany Ext. 8571 [email protected] Mrs. Reiter and Mrs. Rowley's Webpage
Grade 3 Roberts, Jennifer Ext. 8547 [email protected] Mrs. Fuchsloch & Mrs. Roberts Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Rodriguez, Javier Ext: 6415 [email protected] Spanish
Fine Arts and Specialists Rojas Requena, Erika Ext. 8599 [email protected] Ms. Rojas Orchestra Website
Grade 4 Ruesch, Laura Ext. 6104 [email protected] Ms. Ruesch's Class Webpage
Grade 3 Ruoff, Brooke Ext. 6213 [email protected] Miss Ruoff's Class Website
Grade 4 Sacca, Rita Ext. 8564 [email protected] Class Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Santello, Dawn Ext. 8294 [email protected]  
Pre-K Steinberg, Jodi Ext. 8107 [email protected]  
Preschool CST Tafone, Stephanie Ext. 6114 [email protected]  
Grade 5 Tomlin, Melissa Ext. 8203 [email protected] Miss Tomlin's Website
Preschool CST Torres, Diana Ext. 6112 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Trast, Eric Ext. 8600 [email protected] Mr. Trast Music Website
Grade 3 Tripod, Kate Ext. 8282 [email protected]  
Grade 4 Trost, Taylor Ext. 8532 [email protected] Classroom Website
Grade 5 Valdes-Fauli, Marianne Ext. 6418 [email protected]  
Fine Arts and Specialists Verblaauw, Jillian Ext. 8599 [email protected] Mrs. Verblaauw Band Website
Grade 3 Vincent, Zachary Ext. 6204 [email protected] Class Website
Fine Arts and Specialists Warshany, Pam Ext. 8270 [email protected]  
Pre-K Wiley, Becky Ext. 8419 [email protected] Mrs. Wiley's Website
Grade 3 Zangara, Jessica Ext. 8533 [email protected] Class Website