About Us

The Perry L. Drew Elementary School, located on a 22-acre site on Twin Rivers Drive in East Windsor, is named in honor of a much loved former school bus driver, truant officer, and custodian who served our district's children for over 30 years until his retirement in 1973. Students in grades 3 through 5 attend our school, which was first occupied in 1975. An annex was completed in 1976. We are proud of our school mascot, "Dr. Drew, the Dragon" who appears regularly at school functions.
Computer technology is an essential tool in our school and is used to enhance all areas of the curriculum. Our students use computers which are connected to the Internet and Alpha Smarts. All students participate in an integrated language arts program. Children's literature is the focus of most lessons centralizing on a theme of study with skills and vocabulary building emphasized. The writing process is encouraged as well throughout each lesson interweaving student learning styles and problem-solving processes.
Current events are an essential part of our classes enhancing our focus on the real world and our desire to prepare our students to take on the role of active citizens. Students are continually encouraged to be involved in the learning process as they work cooperatively with others. Teachers involve students in a variety of activities that include hands-on materials and technology stressing higher levels of abstract thinking. Science also involves students in real-life activities through a discovery approach that introduces them to physical, geological and biological units of study. The fine arts program includes art, music, physical education/health, library, and world language. The elementary guidance program is based upon the belief that growth and development during the early years of schooling are the most significant in the total education of the child. Counseling in the formative years assists in the development of social skills, which are fundamental in our everyday interactions with others. The focus of elementary guidance is both developmental and preventive. Career education is addressed through guest speakers, stories of famous people and visits to various workplaces.
In addition to academics, our students have the opportunity to join the Safety Patrol, Student Council, yearbook committee, and take instrumental music lessons, as well as join our band and chorus.
Over the years, the Drew School staff has continued to place a strong emphasis on conflict resolution. Students learn how to provide positive affirmations to their peers, teachers, and others. Our Peacemaker of the Month Program recognizes students who use win-win guidelines to help them solve conflicts peacefully. The Drew “Character Connection” program stresses character education.
Parents play a vital part in the education of our children. They are encouraged to join our school’s energetic parent group, visit our school and become active participants in the educational process of their children. By working together, each of our children can reach his or her full potential.
Robert Dias, Principal
Robert DiasWhat a joy it is to be the principal of the Drew School. Every day I come to the school and get to engage with a special community with students, parents, and teachers. For the last nine years, I have called the Drew school my home. As the principal of the school, it is my goal to help every student grow and learn.
I have my undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University and my masters from Kean University. I have been an educator for over 20 years. In my journey as an educator, I have been an elementary school teacher, a middle school teacher, and an assistant principal. Since childhood, I’ve always wanted to be an educator. Coming to work every single day is a dream come true. It is a joy being the principal of the Drew School.
Grades 3-5 are crucial years between the primary and middle school experience. Every staff member at PLD is focused on making the years they spend at the Drew School special.