The NEW Ram Report

Ram Report
The Ram Report has existed at Hightstown High School for many years, but this year has brought many changes to the Digital Film program at HHS, and therefore many changes to The Ram Report.
"In years past, the only way for a high school to get video content on the air was to cablecast over an access channel,” said Mr. Koontz. “Their projects would be seen by their local community and that’s it. But with YouTube, student work can be seen worldwide, on-demand.”
Ram Report is now not just a single show, but a YouTube channel that has the potential to be home to any number of shows, with content being either created in the classroom, as part of an extracurricular club or as independently produced student work.
With new state of the art studio cameras and switchers, the Hightstown High School Digital Film program now provides students with the tools to create professional-quality broadcasts. Students in the Honors Broadcasting class have used the virtual studio technology built into the new video switcher to create The Ram Report Morning Show, which can now be live-streamed via YouTube to the classrooms to both deliver the morning announcements as well as cover the news of the day.
Ram Report 2“It’s an exciting class,” said Mr. Koontz, the Honors Broadcasting teacher. “Creating a live show is a bit of an adrenaline rush, especially as we get closer to the time we need to be on the air, and it’s great to see how the students get engaged to creatively problem-solve to make the deadline.”                                             
Additionally, students in the Ram Report Club meet weekly after school to create even more content for the channel. In this extra-curricular club, students produce segments about the various clubs, sports, activities, people, and events in and around HHS.
The Ram Report gives students an opportunity to get out and explore their school while creating interesting and informative content,” said Mr. Bucci, who teaches Digital Film I and supervises the club. “At this point, the club is still young, but as interest and ability increase, we hope to produce some exciting stuff!”
The article was written by Robert J. Hamm, K-12 Supervisor for Arts Education